April 13, 2024

4 Proven Ways To Pair A Sheer Bomber Jacket With Your Outfits

Styling your outfits can be challenging if you aren’t clear on which clothing articles pair well with each other. This is especially true in the case of a black sheer bomber jacket.

Simply put, you can’t approach such apparel in a way as their regular variants. There are some nuances here that you have to consider. But if you do it right, you can wear these jackets everywhere, regardless of the occasion.

So, this article will walk you through some of the tried and tested outfits that work well with such accessories. Let’s get to it!

  1. High-low, pouf and shirt dresses

Unlike a traditional variant, a black sheer bomber jacket is somewhat form-fitting but not aggressively so. Relatively loose outfits like formal high-low or pouf dresses can contrast this excellently.

Still, it’d be best to pick a sleeveless one to avoid overshadowing the jacket itself. In addition, pair it all with high boots to prevent the tail end from dragging across the ground.

Yet, if the occasion calls for a more casual vibe, consider a shirt dress. These come in different lengths and may sometimes be nipped in the waist section. That can stop your entire look from seeming too voluminous.

  1. Tank tops, leggings and skinny jeans

If you want to highlight the jacket’s fit, go for something that complements it well. Leggings and skinny jeans are a great option here. And it’d be best to finish your entire look with a plain tank top.

However, taking this approach could limit your choices regarding colors. A simple tip is to stick to the jacket’s tone or pick a direct opposite. In short, either opt for an all-black aesthetic or mix and match with varying shades of white.

Now, brighter colors can work, but it depends entirely on how well you can pair them. For instance, a lighter block or striped yellow is better suited than a dark red.

  1. Tracks and tees

While they can be a little unconventional in this context, tracks and a simple t-shirt can go phenomenally with a black sheer bomber jacket. The best part? This look keeps everything low-key.

The only issue, though, is that you can’t go overboard with your creativity. Simply put, things must be kept monochrome and follow a particular order—black jacket, white t-shirt and black tracks. If you still aren’t convinced, try flipping the colors in your mind. See?

Still, there is a saving grace here. In other words, this pairing works in most settings, be it a casual brunch with friends or a lively party at someone’s house.

  1. Peplum and sun dresses

For those with a more playful style, a peplum dress goes perfectly well with such jackets. In most cases, these outfits will have a flared silhouette or additional details just below the waist, which sharply contrasts the simplicity of the upper section.

Sun dresses work in a similar fashion. Usually seen with printed patterns, they can be an excellent way to bring some softness into your overall look.

The basic idea here is to create volume in the lower half of the outfit while retaining the fit in the upper torso. In doing so, you create a distinctive aesthetic that’s difficult to overlook.

Mix and match within reason

The listed options here all cater to different styles. And while there is some room for you to get creative with them, it’d be best to keep things as simple as possible.

So, showcase your personality through your outfits but stick to a baseline. Finally, you must remember that not all clothing accessories work well for everyone. In short, if you don’t like it, pick something else.

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