December 6, 2023

9 Fashion Tips for Summer 2022

When the summer heat hits, you should ask for cooler clothes. Summer clothes are ideal for all types of lifestyles; From shoes to sunglasses to shorts, there’s still something to love about spring and summer despite the heat. The right summer clothes and good summer styles are essential, whether you’re dressing up for a night out, a wedding or just a girls’ night out. There is no specific style for summer; in fact, it can be described as something unconventional. Clothing for summer is all about a relaxed, carefree look with a mix of style and comfort. This is also why more and more people go for those unique Custom Sunglasses in Bulk for different occasions in the summer months.

Fashion Tips for Summer:

  1. Wear light-coloured clothing. Choose light colours and white dresses, which reflect, rather than absorb, the sun’s rays.
  1. Go for sleeveless or loose sleeves. You don’t have to go fully strapless, but consider sleeveless camis and off-shoulder blouses. Short-sleeve button-ups are another good option.
  1. Stay away from tight clothing. Loose-fitting clothes are best for staying cool in the summer. Go for crop tops, wide-leg shorts, loose shirts, oversize blouses, dresses and skirts that will give room to air.
  1. Upgrade your athleisure. The problem with technical fabrics is that they are usually tight and moisture-wicking, which doesn’t make them ideal for summer. You can replace your black leggings and sweatshirt with colourful bike shorts, tank tops, and short-sleeve crop tops.
  1. In the rest of the year, it might not matter, but in the summer, you’ll notice the difference between breathable fabrics and fabrics that trap moisture. Typically, synthetics are not breathable, so check the label of your clothes to ensure they are 100 per cent linen, cotton, and silk. 
  1. Get rid of your jeans. Denim is one of the heaviest fabrics, and your summer style may be too warm if you wear stretch jeans or skinny jeans. Instead, wear lightweight cotton or linen pants. Wide-leg jeans will still let you breathe if you must wear denim.
  1. Dresses aren’t just for special occasions. A comfortable summer dress can be chosen when you don’t know what to wear. Minidresses, rompers, and miniskirts are perfect for summer, but you can also go longer. A sleeveless maxi dress or long skirt will give your look a boho vibe. You can keep things cool with a front-tie dress.
  1. Wear leather sandals. For a more sophisticated look, choose strappy sandals or espadrilles, which still allow your toes to breathe. Sandals made of leather are more stylish than foam flip-flops, and they’re more comfortable.
  1. Don’t over accessorise. It’s easy to get a rash when you have many dangling necklaces or bangles on. Invest in statement earrings.

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How to Dress for Work in Summer

You still need to look professional at the office during the summertime while prioritising clothing that keeps you cool.

  1. Stick to light colours. Clothing for the workplace is usually dark colours like black and navy blue. Try light colours instead for summer: a white linen blazer or light blue shirt.
  1. Dress in layers. Layering will be an enormous part of your summer fashion vibe if your workplace has air conditioning. A cotton cardigan may be a nice possibility once going from a hot train to a chilly office.
  1. Try a one-piece garment. Separates will get warm in the summer. Instead, attempt a work-appropriate one-piece, sort of a garment or wrap dress.
  1. Wear closed shoes. Even if you wear flip-flops outside of the office, you should still wear closed-toe shoes in the office. Try loafers or flats.

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