April 13, 2024

Frat Boy Outfit: Five Steps That Will Make You Look Hot!

When it comes to fashion, guys can sometimes feel out of the loop. But that doesn’t mean you can’t look damn good and get plenty of admiration from the fairer sex. The key is knowing how to dress like a frat boy in five easy steps. So read on to learn how to look like an ultimate dude with a fratboy outfit!

Five Steps to Dress Like a Fratboy

If you want to achieve a fratboy look maybe because you feel like it is what girls like, then you can follow the steps below.

Step One: It’s All in the Shirt

The shirt is one of the most important parts of a fratboystyle. A good shirt is clean, crisp, and fresh. Avoid shirts with any logos or designs on them as these add too much clutter. Instead, opt for a simple long-sleeved white shirt with a collar. This will leave you looking like the ultimate gentleman–and a woman’s favorite type of man!

Step Two: The Trousers

You’ve got to have some great trousers if you want to look like a fratboy. Just remember that they should be fitted but not tight-fitting so they don’t stick out and ruin your overall look. Opt for polished, dark denim, also made from soft cotton so it doesn’t itch on your skin when you wear it day after day.

Step Three: The Shoes

Fratboys always make sure their shoes are stylish right down to the smallest detail. Be sure that the color scheme matches your shirt and trousers and then get yourself some leather shoes to complete your ensemble. White leather loafers are perfect for this ensemble while penny loafers show off your personality just as well as they do your outfit!

Step Four: Accessories

Your accessories are up next. You can go with either a watch or cufflinks depending on what feels more comfortable for you personally. Make sure both items match in color scheme before ordering! If you go with wristwatch, make sure it has an appropriate strap

Step Five: Complement Your Look with Some Hair Product, Whether It Be Gel or Mousse!

In order to complete your fratboy look, you should style your hair that will complement with your outfit. Making use of a mousse or gel is enough.

How to Accessorize A Fratboy Style

When it comes to wearing an outfit of a fratboy, most people focus on the shirt. But if you are looking to stand out in a crowd, your shoes and accessories are key.For instance, if you’re wearing jeans and a t-shirt, don’t forget to add some sneakers. It may seem like an obvious point, but many guys neglect these simple steps.As for accessories, try adding some class to your look by carrying a pocket square or even a fedora hat! If you’re feeling especially dapper, consider carrying a briefcase bag as well.

With all of these steps, you will definitely achieve the fratboy look you want and attract more girls.

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