February 21, 2024

Holding The Hooks Used for Crocheting – What to Know? 

Knitting is an art. Just the way you have to follow certain rules while holding a paintbrush, you need to know the ways to hold a crochet hook. The way you hold your crochet hook will decide the grip of the loops while knitting.

The way of holding a hook while knitting is of two types.

1. The Pencil Grip

As the name says, this is the way of holding the crochet hooks is just like holding a pencil. While writing something, you will prefer a hold on your pencil or pen so that the writing will become comfortable for you, and the same goes for while painting something too. This is known as a “Pencil Grip”. This grip offers the best knit.

2. The Knife Grip 

As the name says, this is the grip that you use while holding your dinner knife. Just the way you get enough grip while cutting your knife, you can expect the best knits with the help of this hold. Most crocheters prefer this grip because of the ease that it offers while knitting anything of their choice.

Holding the Tunisian Crochet Hook

Tunisian crochet hooks are known by another name afghan look. These hooks are comparatively different from the regularly used crochet hooks and they will have a thumb rest region. While knitting, your thumb will suffer from maximum stress and thumb rest will make the work easier.

You Preferred Surfaces 

Crocheting is the best choice for you if you prefer textured surfaces. With the help of the right yarn, you can make sure that all the projects of knitting that you handle are of the best texture. However, crocheting is a hobby that requires maximum levels of patience, because some loops may not listen to you and might give you hard time.

How to Knit 

Now that you know about the right ways of holding the crochet hook, you can then start with your knitting hobby from the scratch. Crocheting is all about creating something new and exciting with the help of the right colored yarns. Here are some such steps for you.

  • Decide what you wish to knit. It can be a sweater vest, a pashmina, a muffler, a hat, and so on.
  • Now, go to the internet sites and find the design that you like to knit.
  • Choose the yarn of the right colors to complete the project.
  • Get the yarns from the stores.

You are all set to start knitting with your stainless steel knitting needles. Start the process. You can take the help of experts while knitting and can even download some videos to help you in this matter.

Do not forget to keep a count on the number of knits that you have done while crocheting. This will help you decide the right pattern with which you would wish to complete your project. You should be thorough with the counts while knitting something multicolored with your wooden crochet hooks.

The beauty of knitting is that you can make all the necessary twists and turns to bring out the best design while crocheting. Become a pro with the help of the right choices.

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