December 6, 2023


Skirts are generally ladylike cylindrical or cone shaped pieces of clothing that are worn from the midsection to cover the legs. In contrast to trousers, the skirt is not split. The hem can be as high as the thighs or as low as the floor.The least complex skirts are wrap articles of clothing made of a solitary material, however most skirts are striped, creased, or made of lightweight to medium-thick textures like denim, shirt, worsted, or worsted. Poplin adjusted with inserts. 

The skirt is more elegant and easy to wear and can be worn in any situation. Skirt design is easier than any other outfit. The silhouette is slender, flared or puffy. Even straight skirts range from very tight and narrow hem to slightly lined up. 


 Skirts have existed for centuries, and various types of skirts have evolved as the length and bulge of the skirts have changed. The rock style can be wrap-around or voluminous. The skirt can emphasize the waist and change the hem. 

 A-line Rock

The A-line skirt is the perfect skirt for a pear-shaped figure. This skirt is usually knee-length and will be triangular when laid flat. An easy-to-sew option that works well with most types of fabrics. 

 Bubble Skirt

 The bubble skirt at the hem is inflated because the fabric at the hem is gathered on the ribbon instead of the folded hem. This band is held under the skirt, so the top of the skirt becomes a “pearl” above the band. 

 Round Skirt

The round skirt, also known as the skater skirt, is cut into a circle. The fabric is attached to a waistband that fits snugly on the wearer’s waist. The skirt will be circular when laid flat. 

 Box Pleat Rock

 The pleated skirt is a variation of the pleated skirt. The box crease is created by combining the two creases of the crease to form the part of the crease box. The same pleated pattern follows around the skirt. 

 Mini Skirt

A symbolic skirt named after the 1960s,  as the name suggests, it is a very short skirt. Dress designer Mary Quant made this skirt popular. Because the amount of fabric used is small, it can be manufactured economically. Miniskirts are traditionally cut, but can also be flared or rounded. The denim miniskirt is easy to wear and has a casual impression.