April 13, 2024

Men’s Shoes for Different Occasions

If you ever thought the world of men’s shoes was incredibly simple, then think again. From men’s casual shoes to men’s dress shoes, there’s a myriad of styles in between. That being so, how can men be sure about which style to wear on different occasions? You won’t wear the same shoes when going to a friend’s wedding as when you go with those same friends to the cinema, would you?

1. Formal Occasions

Exactly what constitutes a formal occasion? Just for reference, we’re talking about attending weddings, black-tie events, charity galas, things like that. At these types of events, you can’t go wrong with a good pair of Oxfords, or Derby shoes. If you like the pattern, getting them with brogue patterns also adds an extra layer of elegance that fits with the most formal events.

These shoes should be polished, of course, and typically made in dark leather colours like black and dark brown. Loud and garish colours are not fitting with that type of event. On the other hand, if your own persona is one that’s known for outlandish colour, or the event has some gimmick to it, then don’t be afraid to explore different colour combinations.

2. Informal House Party

It’s Friday night and you’re heading to your mate’s place for a barbecue and evening house party. There’ll be lots of cooked meat and seafood, and beer practically free flowing through the place. For a time such as this, one can’t go wrong with a good set of sneakers. From casual sports sneakers to something a bit dressier with a leather or suede finish, sneakers say: “I’m here, I’m ready to have fun.”

3. Celebratory Dinner at a Restaurant

Let’s say that you’re preparing for a celebratory dinner such as a special someone’s birthday, or an anniversary dinner. In any case, a more formal dress shoe is called for, but you perhaps don’t have to go the whole brogue in this case. Smart restaurants will invariably look down upon sports sneakers, so you can’t go too far toward the casual end of the spectrum either.

A good compromise would be a nice pair of leather loafers, the look and construction of which say “formal” but the feel and comfort of which say “casual.” That’s perfect for your restaurant night.

4. A Birthday Brunch

Brunch is a late-morning event that may spill into the early afternoon if the mimosas are flowing and nobody has a care in the world to worry about the rest of the day. It calls for a fun, bright, and carefree shoe like a nice pair of espadrilles. The bright colours of these shoes will fit in well with the sunny and colourful atmosphere that normally accompanies a good brunch.

If you want something a bit more toned down, then a pair of boat shoes would also look the part for a brunch day. These are also a comfortable, easy-going shoe, but offering a more upmarket leather finish, often with contrast stitching.

5. Job Interview

Returning to the practical world for a moment, a job interview is a time when you have to make a really strong impression. That impression has to invariably be one of professionalism and dependability. A candidate who shows up in good time while wearing a pair of Oxfords or Derby shoes once again.

6. Travel

Finally, there are those days when you’re heading on vacation but there’s the pesky job of getting through the entire journey first. It can be tiring, especially if you have a young family in tow. That being so, you can therefore turn to a good pair of sneakers — casual or dressy in this case are both fine, since you’re going for comfort above all.

Support is also necessary, which is why some might find a good pair of boots a good travel companion. If you’re taking a flight, however, tight-fitting boots might not be ideal if your feet and ankles are prone to swelling, so consider sneakers first for flying.

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