April 13, 2024

Refrain from Making These Silly Mistakes While Buying Wholesale Hospitality Linen Online

Studies have found that we spend around one-third of our lives in bed, and hence it makes sense to spend on quality bedding that your guests will enjoy staying at. Your guest will first notice your linen the moment they enter the room.

If the linen has an unpleasant odour, has stains, or has signs of wear and tear, the hotel does not take good care of the linen and creates a bad impression. This is the most common and biggest mistake that some hotel staff make while cleaning the room.

If you’re not careful while buying wholesale hospitality linen online and make some mistakes while ordering them, you would also have to face some troubles. Now you might be wondering why these mistakes are?

We have noted below some of the most frequently made mistakes that you must avoid at all costs while buying wholesale hospitality linen online.

1- Not knowing the proper size and type of your bed

Nowadays, there are several types of beds available, and the beds have varying sizes. Although the sizes remain the same globally, if you do not know which bed type you have, it will pose some problems after buying wholesale hospitality linen online.

For example, you might know whether the bed is kind, queen or double size. But it is also crucial to know whether the bed is of standard size or extra length. The depth of the mattress also plays a crucial role in determining the size of the bed.

2- Not knowing the correct sizes of the pillows

Similar to the beddings, you must also have an exact dimension of the size of the pillows. There are mainly two types of pillows used in hotels; standard size and king size.

The dimensions of the standard size pillow are 45cm x 70cm. The dimension of a standard king-size pillow is 50cm x 90cm.

3- Not choosing durable and good quality linen

The guests prefer being supplied 100% pure and natural cotton linen for their stay in the hotel. Pure cotton is durable and ensures that they only get the best quality linen. If you do not supply them with good quality linen, it will create a bad impression on the guests.

Hotel owners also prefer getting pure cotton because the linen can be recycled a minimum of 3-4 times before discarding. This also reduces the emission and the landfill, helping the company save money.

4- Not buying from a reputable supplier

The supplier who sells you the product should be reliable and trustworthy, or else you could never be confident that the material you got is of the best quality. Hence you must always get in touch with the supplier before purchasing any items from them. Ask around and enquire about their reputation.

If they do not have a good reputation for selling high-quality items, there is no point in buying wholesale hospitality linen online. Also, look at their payment options. Suppose you feel there is something shady about the delivery or the payment options. In that case, it is best to look for another supplier who has a decent reputation and has good reviews on several websites.

Final thoughts

You can avoid these mistakes while looking for a wholesale seller with hospitality linen online. To get the best linen at affordable prices, check out the linen collection from Linen Plus.

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