February 21, 2024

What to Wear to Look Like a Frat Boy

Fraternity is a term that means brotherhood and is short for “frat.” For those in a sorority, this might mean a lifelong network of friends, fantastic experiences, and post-graduation chances. Outsiders may encounter noisy, belligerent drunks, improper behavior, or perhaps worse. Whether you like them or not, they have developed their personality, reputation, and even fashion sense. Perhaps you want to join a fraternity and need to know how to dress appropriately. Perhaps you’re attending a party and want to dress up like a frat boy.

Life is fine, fine as wine.

Frat boys’ shirts, t-shirts, and polo shirts

Button-up shirts, T-shirts, and Polo shirts are the three most important pieces of apparel in every frat boy’s wardrobe. One of the most prevalent is a well-fitting collared shirt. It may be used on just about every occasion. You may wear it on a date, to an interview, or just chilling with the guys if it’s clean, sophisticated, and semi-casual. One of the most traditional styles is the button-up Oxford, which may be worn in pastels if the weather is nice.

For a frat boy appearance, a simple t-shirt would suffice. You may also choose fraternity jerseys. These are your alma mater’s jerseys, which may be purchased at any reputable campus gift store. If you must have a branded item, choose something preppy like Yeti, Southern Tide, or even the old standby Abercrombie & Fitch. Plain tank tops are also a popular frat guy outfit, particularly if you have the firearms to go with them. T-shirts and polo shirts are the next best products, as they can be worn every day. Make sure they’re both plain and striped, and that they’re both simple. Choose one without a lot of designs or monograms. The look will be a simple t-shirt.

Frat boys’ shorts and pants

Shorts and/or pants are the next must-have items. In frat-boy attire, both shorts and pants are essential. For a preppy frat guy style, go with plain solid hues like khakis or Nantucket red. You may also treat yourself to a pair of solid green or blue-colored pants or shorts in a deeper hue now and then. Large imprints or plaid motifs on shorts or slacks are not considered fraternity style. You might even choose more formal-looking pants that are worn casually.

Switch the polo shirt for a similarly colored button-down shirt and the boat shoes for leather loafers for a little more dressed-up version of the casual clothes, great for an afternoon in the club. You may still wear shorts, or you can wear chino trousers instead. Tie a beautiful cardigan over your shoulders for the ultimate frat boy country club look. If you’re wearing a white button-down shirt, you may add a jacket, a necktie, or even a preppy bowtie to complete the outfit.

Frat boy footwear

Two things come to mind when it comes to frat guy style: boat shoes They are adaptable and may be worn in a variety of situations. You can always count on a pair of boat shoes, whether you’re at a pool party or playing basketball. As a result, stock up on boat shoes as much as you can. Sebago, Sperry, and Polo are the most popular boat shoe brands.

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