December 6, 2023

Shortening Zippers by the Yard

If you want or need to shorten zippers by the yard to the length that your project requires, the process is quite simple. All you have to do is cut the zipper to the specific length you want starting from the bottom. This will also cut the stoppers off.

After this, you have to take off the metal stoppers from the cut-off piece using the plier then attach it where you need it. The zipper stoppers are placed at the end and the top of the zippers for a good reason. These are the tiny metal bands attached to the teeth to prevent the slider from sliding past the stoppers.

The metal stoppers can be displaced easily to anywhere you like using the plier. You simply have to pry the teeth open, remove them and keep them where you like them. Even just a bit of force applied using the plier is already enough for reattaching the bands.

If the zipper doesn’t have these metal stoppers, or you don’t like to reattach it, you might need to use the hand sewing thread and needle to create stopping stitches at the lower part of the zippers, which is essentially a bar tacking stitch crossways the zipper teeth.

There is a reason why sliders are called as such. They are just waiting to slide down from the zipper. The stitches will easily stop them right in their place.

However, make sure you don’t try this method if you are using a separating zipper. it won’t separate any longer if you change the bottom end.

Shortening Molded Tooth Zippers

Molded tooth zippers have extremely strong molded teeth that are fused directly onto the zipper tape. If you need to shorten this zipper, cut off the upper portion correctly. The teeth must be numbered. When you have the type of top stop with grooves for the teeth. You just need to slide in the teeth then tighten it with a plier.

If you don’t have this kind of top stop, the teeth should be removed. Grip the teeth on top of the mark with a pair of pliers and then pull at the teeth for them to come off. Get the top stop and squeeze this in place on top of the last tooth on both sides.

Shortening Continuous Coil Zippers

With this zipper, pulling out the teeth is impossible, and you need to cut it out instead. Clip the coil’s front part in half and stop short of cutting off the zipper tape. Get the top stop and squeeze this into place on top of the last tooth on both sides, making sure that the final piece of the coil has been crimped below the top stop.

Shortening your zippers by the yard doesn’t have to be too complicated. By following just a few simple steps, you will be able to get the right length of the zipper that you need for your sewing projects, no matter what type of zipper you might have.